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How can I extend the lock time before the window "Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete" appear in my workstation in a Windows 2003 enviroment, I want to be able to get up of my chair for 20 minutes or more without go back and type the password again to login.
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if you have the new Group Policy Management Console Installed, open it and go through each GPO and select the results tab and select show on the internet explorer looking page and it will show you the settings in each gpo. find the one that has:
User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Display > "Screen Saver timeout" option set to Enabled. open it and change the value. it has to be entered in seconds - ie. mins x 60 =

or if you don't find any settings, it may be set locally. in this case go to Control Panel > Display and then Screen Saver Tab and change it there.

hope this helps
It's part of the screen saver's configuration so go to Control Panel --> Display --> Screen Saver and adjust the time accordingly.
Go to Display properties then to Screen Saver Change the time till screen saver starts. This will work unless your network admin has a GPO set to have it a certain time
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It may be controlled by a Group Policy, in which case you would need to work out the group policy it is set in using rsop.msc (from your workstation) then edit it with Group Policy Manager. It can be found in User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Display and you are looking for the "Screen Saver timeout" option.

The lock only enables because it is set up to enable when the screen saver turns on, this is why you must edit the time the screen saver takes before it kicks in.

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