Virtual PC 2007 with 2 NIC cards DHCP

Virtual PC 2007 with 2 NIC cards, Realtek and Intel Pro 10/100.  Host operating system Windows XP SP2, virtual system Win988 SE.  I am running a medisoft database on the win98 machine and a medisoft client ont he XP box.  I am also using DHCP on the Realtek nic.  
In the network adapter properties (virtual pc),  I choose one adapter and choose the intel pro 100.  Whats funny is I can surf the net with both pc's but cannot see the workgroup from the virtual pc.  I am an engineer and am pretty versed in setting up LAN's.  What am I missing?  I have also tried bridging and the loopback adapter only caused duplicate ip addresses.  My friend told me I need to have at least one user that is common on all my workgroup pc's in order to view all workgroup computers....but as we all know, the win98 users applet is not the greatest,
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have you checked that your actually in the same workgroup? i think the default workgroup changed between 98 and XP...
also try pinging to your host and back by ip address and computer name, see if you can isolate where the problem is... maybe names arent resolving on your 98 machine
martinez719Author Commented:
I manually set the IP on the Win98 machine using and which is different than the physical addresses of the xp host: and  I also manually changed the subnet and gateway to what is on the router and workgroup.  So, now it sees the other computers on my workgroup.  The c: drive is shared out on the win98 machine. The only problem now is that on the host machine, I cant map a drive to the virtual win98, which I was able to do at some point in this whole mess.  It asks me to connect as Guest and supply a password.  Something is still off and I feel like I'm so close.  But, it is not as simple as Microsoft says.  According to them you just plug an ethernet cable into each nic and you're set.  
This is Off Topic a bit, but isn't Medisoft a medical billing software?  If it is, I don't see win98se meeting HIPPA compliance for security of the software.  Why are you trying to run win98SE anyways?  Is the software that old that it can't handle XP?
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yeah its been made a little more complicated by you not using DHCP but thats ok you seemed to have resolved that issue now, the last issue is because you havent enabled a guest account with a blank password, you can do this by going to computer management -> users, you can get here by right clicking my computer and selecting manage i believe
martinez719Author Commented:
Thank you for the replys.  I will try the Guest account or create a User Account on the XP host that is also on the VPC.  And, yes my client is forgoing the over 3,000 dollars to upg. to XP.
I take it the $3000 upgrade cost is for Medisoft and not greedy microsoft.  And here we thought MS was overcharging... =)

Good luck.

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martinez719Author Commented:
Exactly.  Update: So now I have the drive mapped and the connection is there yet seems slow for all connections basically on one machine, but I still have no internet access on the virtual pc.
Check the DNS and gateway settings on your 98 machine. Im not sure what you mean about the slow thing...
martinez719Author Commented:
The DNS is open DNS from the router, at least thats where I configured it.  The gateway is good.  It is connected and the app is retreiving data from the database now, but there is no internet and is not very fast.  Its a 3.3Ghz Celeron with 512MB with Windows XP.  Im thinking that maybe port 80 is blocked to the Virtual PC or the ports are somehow throttled or not open.  I think it should be running faster since the two machines are physically close.  The processor doesnt seem to be taxed either.
martinez719Author Commented:
It was the dns on both the host and the vpc.  I statically assigned them on both adapters in the host and in the vpc, restarted the 98 and the internet came up and everything.  Not sure who to give the points to.  Thank you everybody who replied.  All were helpful.
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