Global Address Book doesn't update with cached mode enabled

We are running a new server running SBS 2003 R2 with Exchange. When a new user is created in Acitve Directory and default exchange mailbox settings, the new information is not automatically updated in the Global Address Book of any user in the domain.
I have already tried rebuuilding the offline address book in the Exchange system manager, and downloading the address book at each client, neither of which works.
If I take a client off of Exchange Cached Mode, the address book is updated the next time Outlook is started. As soon as I re-enable Cached Mode, the address book reverts back to the previous list that is not up-to -date.
Deleting all the .OAB files in the user's profile seems to work just fine, but there are 60 clients here and the Active Directory users change quite often. I am looking for a solution that will require less hands-on time.
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That sounds like your OAB isn't updating at all.
If you look at the GAL through OWA, which uses live information, does the account show there?

Do you get any sync errors in the client? Do you get any errors in the event log when you force an update of the OAB?


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z711500Author Commented:
Yes, the accounts appear to show up fine in OWA.
I don't see any relevant errors in the event log when I force the update.
I do get the following error on a client computer when I download the address book:
The MOF file created for the Outlook service could not be loaded. The error code returned by the MOF Compiler is contained in the Record Data. Before the performance counters of this service can be collected by WMI the MOF file will need to be loaded manually. Contact the vendor of this service for additional information.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

z711500Author Commented:
I think I found the problem. The update interval for the Default Offline Address Book was set to None.
Now if I download the address book manually in outlook all the latest changes are reflected properly.
Now what I am unsure of is: will each user have to download the address book each time a change is made, or does this occur automatically at some interval?
Change the update interval for the OAB to three times a day, I usually suggest around 6am, noon and then near the end of the day (4/5pm).
The clients will download the updates automatically. It does in one of two ways - either when Outlook is started or every 24 hours, whichever occurs first.

Someone must have changed the OAB generation time, because that is not the default setting.


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