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Created a new scope in existing superscope but PCs in the new scope cannot ping anything.

lilceez asked
Last Modified: 2008-03-06
I am running a domain with a windows 2003 server as my PDC. It is also the DHCP server. I have a superscope built with 2 scopes of IPs- and  I am trying to add a third,, but whenever I add it, the computers that are pulling the address in that scope are cut off from the rest of the network. They are unable to ping anything. I double checked the router setting, dns setting..etc same as the other two scopes. There is no reason why it shouldn't work. The only thing I'm doing different is that on this scope I'm reserving IPs by using MAC addresses from computers because I want the computers in this scope to eventually be routed differently. Some assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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what subnet masks are you using on all the scopes?

can the pc's picking up an IP from the new scope ping the DHCP server by IP?

What routing is in place - how is it configured?
oh, and what is their default g/w


The subnet for all three are the same, gateway is the same, DNS is the same... that's what doesn't make sense. Right now the routing is set the same on all three. Here is the weird thing- if computer is not on the .20 scope it can ping the dhcp server. As soon as I reserve that MAC in the .20 and do an ipconfig /renew, it picks up an IP in the .20 range but now it can't ping anything, even the DHCP server. I'm stumped?????

can you provide me your exact ip address range for each scope, and the subnet mask you are using.



I figured out my own problem but thanks for the replies Dennis. It looks like I overlooked changing the subnet on the firewall. It was at, I just recalculated it and changed it to and then was able to get to the .20 scope I created.
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