Vmware Server w/ Windows 2003 Sql2k5 server on it.

I had a vm going on vmware server with w2k3 and sql2k5 running on it and it ran great for a week, then yesterday the following occured:

I recently had an issue where my host machine's HD filled up. The culprit was a SQL 2k5 VM I had created, but I had allocated my disk for certain sizes before I installed the OS. Upon browsing the VM's directory I noticed that there seemed to be 2 sets of .vmdk's. I could see my C:\ as 9 files named Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition-000001-s001 through s009.vmdk, but I also saw 9 more files named Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition-f001.vmdk through f009.vmdk. I also had 2 sets for my D:\ (which hosted my sql database i had imported). My first reaction was the ones with the "f" in file name were maybe from a snapshot? because I could not imagine why there would be two sets of 110-2.147 gb files. I ended up deleteing some of the vmdk's with "f" in the filename, and as you can now guess my vm is now broken(well at least only the D:\ is broken). From what I see now I must've deleted the preallocated disk files. The last snapshot I ran was Oct 1, and the files with s001.vmdk were all modified Oct 8. What were these files if they werent the preallocated disk space?

My main question is why is there 2 sets vmdk's of the same disk? I'd like to recreate my VM, but until I figure out what's going on I'm going to wait.
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DenisCooperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
they shouldn't grow that big in size....so i've looked into it again for you, and it appears i may have misinformed you - i don't think they are the descriptor files, they are actaully the vmware log files, whcih store information about the snapshots etc....


look half way down the page....

hope this clears it up for you :)
For every virtual disk that you create there will be two files with the .vmdk extension:
1) the descriptor file. It describes the virtual disk such as version number, geometry, size, whether you are using buslogic or lsilogic guest driver etc.
2) data file or the "-flat" file that has the actual data

The descriptor files are few hundred bytes in size whereas the "-flat" file should be 10 G for a 10G virtual disk.

the flat files will have the f i the number....
rw3adminAuthor Commented:
Ok, that makes sense, but some of the descriptor files as you describe them are the full 2.1gb. Why would some of them be as big as them flat file?

Also before I deleted anything I browsed the properties of the vm's D:\ drive and the filename it showed was the one without the flat designation. I guess the harddrives you create are linked to the descriptor first? Then the descriptor grabs the flat file?

My main concern is why would some of the descriptor files grow as big as the flat file? That's what made my HD fill up.
rw3adminAuthor Commented:
Thanks man! I should have RTFM, I was just so frustrated over losing my nicely running VM I wasn't thinking clearly.
hey no worries......RTFM - we never do that lol....
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