NetBeans 5.5.1 with VWP: Problem with ObjectArrayDataProvider, GenericDataSet and JSC Chart component

I'm using NetBeans 5.5.1 IDE with Visual Web Pack (VWP) to develop a web application. The OS: Linux FC6, The Server: Sun Java System Application Server.
One of my JSPs is to render a bar-chart graph.
I've successfully installed JSC chart components and these components are visible on the VWP palette.
1. I successfully retreave from database COUNT(*)s data to be bar-charted. These data values I store in a SessionBean1 Object Array
2. I also have an Object Array Data Provider (OADP) in SessionBean1. This OADP obtains data from the above mentioned object array.
3. I've used the Object Array Data Provider to provide data to a genericDataSet object
4. I've dropped a bar-chart component onto a JSF design page and selected the above mentioned genericDataSet object as the data source for the bar-chart component; expecting a bar chart of the COUNT(*)s when the application is run. But alas, there is no bar-chart rendered (It does not appear on the output page).

I get the following WARNING:

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.rave.propertyeditors.StringPropertyEditor
      at net.sf.jschart.component.AbstractBeanInfo.loadClass(

I'd appreciate your help in resolving this issue.
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mrcoffee365Connect With a Mentor Commented:
We don't have VWP, etc. in our configuration, so I waited to see if someone with more knowledge could answer.  However, it's usually easy to get rid of ClassNotFound errors by finding the jar that has that class.

In this case,
is found in

According to the documentation, you need 2 jars which are are located in rave2.0/modules directory in Studio Creator:
webui-dt.jar, com-sun-rave-designtime.jar

Probably you should put them in your WEB-INF/lib directory.

This blog entry has a description of installing VWP at the bottom of the page:

The reason that you don't find this out at the compile time for your JSP page is that the rave-designtime class is loaded at run time.
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