Need help to get remote BGP sites back on the Internet via Private IP network

I have a corporate network of many sites connected via Private IP and BGP all connecting to this cloud of which the main data center has a default gateway of last resort out to the Internet. My firewall (cisco asa5520) died this morning and I have since replaced it and loaded the old config on it. My problem is that all my remote sites across this PIP network cant got out to the Internet now even though I can at the main location. I have tried to clear ip bgp all on a couple of the remote sites to no avail. They just have a default route to the cloud of this pip network. Is there something I can do to force them get back online? A traceroute shows them coming back to my main site but dying there. Would a clear ip bgp all at the main site do the trick?
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Once you make configuration changes, you may need to restart the BGP process.
Yes, a clear ip bgp all might help you.
netman42Author Commented:
If I have 70 sites coming back into this core router, and I do a clear ip bgp all, what would I expect for an outage?
netman42Author Commented:
My bad. I discovered this works fine if I do an extended ping from my lan interface on the remote end. It turns out that the PIP interfaces are not being advertised via BGP, but my private Ip's were. It's working now.
Thanks for your response.
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