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Hello -

This is my first time using EE.  This question may be outside of the normal realm of EE content but here goes....

I am developing a turnkey DB appliance box for a client to include a detailed documentation set to include -

-OS Config
-DB Config
-HW Config
-SOPs on basic admin practices, etc.

I am not looking for help with the config, rather for a detailed template or example to give me a start with the task of documentation.  I know this subject matter very well and can develop an outline and document on my own but I wanted to ask first if there is a boilerplate that is commonly used.

Any advice is much appreciated.

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Fridolin MansmannConnect With a Mentor Master of Business Engineering ManagementCommented:
OS Config: eg: use srvinfo.exe (from MS Resource Kits) to get an overview, paste this output into a txt file or into your documentation.
HW config: depending on the manufacturer, e.g. if the server is HP ProLiant.... you can use the HP Survey tool to generate an output with the detailed HW configuration

DB config: depending on you DB (SQL or Oracle.....)
Create report from you database managing tool(s)

This will generate a quite big report file.

All depending on your requirements....

SOPs: are different in every company, so try to get some other SOPs in your company and use one of them (the best fitting from your point of view) as a template

Document your tasks done, then you are quite fine anyway, you can not be blamed for things that your predecessor did (or did not!)


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ET_VBAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments. Those tools will provide a great start.  
Forced accept.

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