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how do i configure lotus notes 6.5.4 to work with Microsoft Remote Desktop?

ASD_Joe asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
I have a Lotus Notes Server running version 6.5.4 on a Windows 2000 SP4 server.  I need to be able to mange it remotely from multiple locations.  I thought about using Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) but I read here there is a conflict with the version of ngina.dll it uses when running Notes 5.  

Can I run microsoft Remote Desktop on this version without an issue?  Do I need to replace the ngina.dll with a more current version?
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I would get the latest RDP client and try.

Remember you need to use Console Mode, which may not be possible on WIn 2K.

Other option is to use VNC or PC Anywhere.

The latter is more secure if you set the encrypt options.

I hope this helps !


I work for a government agency so security is critical.  This rules out VNC.  PC Anywhere isn't on the approved list of software, but I suppose I can look into tackling that.   I was hoping on figuring out the registry hack or get the correct ngina.dll to use.   There is a large change management process to do even the smallest change so I was wondering if others out there are using any commercial software besides PC Anywhere to resolve the problem.

Thanks for the idea anyways.


The only issues Notes can have with NGINA is when you use Notes single sign on, which uses NGINA hooks to shadow the Windows password request into the Notes ID file password request.  If you do not use this feature, there should be no issue.

Also, do I understand you to mean that you are running, on a single box, the 6.5.4 server and the 5 client?  Why on earth?



No my research led me to a piece on EE that said if you were running Domino 5 then the ngina.dll problem with RDP could be resolved with an update ngina.dll from the " manufacturer" ?   I wasn;t sure if that was try with Notes Domino 6.5.4 or not.

To be clear,  I am only running Lotus Domino Server 6.5.4 on a Windows 2000 SP 4 server.  S if I disable the Notes single singleon feaure,if,in fact,it s enable, then you're saying it should work?  If you say YES I'll work with my Change Management folks to schedule.      I'll be happy to award an additional 400 points for a new total of 500 point points but I can't award till Friday Oct 19th, 2007 due to getting it on the change management agenda.
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Actually, you don't REALLY need to run a console session with TS, since the Domino COnsole is available via the Domino admin client, independently of RDP. In fact, these days I often set the DOmino console NOT to run on the desktop, just to protect it a bit. But oif you do have it set to run on desktop and really want to access it that way, then yes, you do nee dto run a TS console session.
brwwigginsIT Manager

you're absolutely right, qwaletee, you can view the console via the domino administrator or even the remote console from the regular client. To me it is more of a perception issue. When I remote into the server I just expect to see the console going across and if the console is missing it makes me think something is wrong :)

Just more of a habit than anything because I'm used to having physical access to the servers and seeing the console on the desktop when I log in.
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