Program association for Lotus Notes "sent to Mail recipient"

My company uses Lotus Notes for their Email program.
When right clicking on a file and saying "send to mail recipient"
normally Lotus Notes would open up a new message and you would be able to send it out that way.
But now, it will only opn Outlook.
I have gone into IE and internet options and changed the programs to Lotus Notes, not outlook.
But as soon as I apply and say OK, open it back up and it has gone back to outlook.
This is happening for a couple of people only.
Any ideas??
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It gets set back right away? EIther there is some weird process running on that PC that sets it back, or there is a problem with the regsitry.

I assume you have at least rebooted those PCs, and tried them in safe mode.
Run the Notes installer again and make sure that you choose "Make notes my default email application".  You can just run the installer right over your current installation.
I agree with Bill, reinstall the client, or a newer client and that should fix he registry entries and program associations.

If it still happens, ten there is probably a GPO policy in place at the Domain level.

I hope this helps !
mahjohnAuthor Commented:
I will try to run the installer again, I have rebooted several times. (also in safe mode)
Will let you know if reinstalling solves it.
Forced accept.

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