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Office 2003 SP2 files installed

I am trying to find a file that is installed with Office 2003 SP2, so I can do a search on SMS to find out if we have users that do not have SP2
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1 Solution
Office is now up to SP 3.
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/870924 are directions to obtain the latest service packs.  
The Help, About  displays the Service Pack information.
RJLHelpDeskAuthor Commented:
Thank you Glenn,

We are still testinf SP3.  I am more interested in the files it installs.  I am trying to do an SMS report and need to know some file names for SP2.

Hi RJLHelpDesk

Using SMS 2003, just create a Query based on Microsoft Office 2003 in Add/Remove Programs and also filter by Version  Here is a list of the Microsoft Office Version Numbers and which Service Packs they pertain too.


There is a listing of the file names in SP2 at
The changed file names are:
Acwzlib.mde               Acwzmain.mde           Acwztool.mde
Bjablr32.dll              Blnmgr.dll             Blnmgrps.dll
Cfgwiz.exe                Contab32.dll           Emablt32.dll
Emsabp32.dll              Emsmdb32.dll           Emsui32.dll
Envelope.dll              Eurotool.xla           Excel.exe
Exsec32.dll               Fp5amsft.dll           Fp5areg.dll
Fp5autl.dll               Fp5avnb.dll            Fp5awec.dll
Fp5awel.dll               Fpcutl.dll             Fpeditax.dll
Fpmmc.dll                 Frontpg.exe            Graph.exe
Intldate.dll              Lfbmp12n.dll           Lfcmp12n.dll
Lfeps12n.dll              Lffax12n.dll           Lfgif12n.dll
Lfmsp12n.dll              Lfpcd12n.dll           Lfpcx12n.dll
Lfpng12n.dll              Lfras12n.dll           Lftga12n.dll
Lftif12n.dll              Lfwmf12n.dll           Ltdis12n.dll
Ltfil12n.dll              Ltimg12n.dll           Ltkrn12n.dll
Lttwn12n.dll              Mcdlc.exe              Mcps.dll
Mofl.dll                  Morph9.dll             Msaccess.exe
Msaexp30.dll              Mscal.ocx              Mscdm.dll
Mscomctl.ocx              Msdaipp.dll            Msdmeng.dll
Msdmine.dll               Msdmine.rll            Msmapi32.dll
Msmdcb80.dll              Msmdgd80.dll           Msmdun80.dll
Mso.dll                   Msoeuro.dll            Msolap80.dll
Msolap80.rll              Msolui80.dll           Msowc.dll
Msppt.olb                 Mspst32.dll            Mspub.exe
Mssp3en.lex               Mssp3ena.lex           Mssp3fr.dll
Msspell3.dll              Msth3fr.dll            Mstordb.exe
Mstore.exe                Mstores.dll            Olappt.fae
Olapuir.rll               Olkfstub.dll           Outex.dll
Outlcm.dll                Outlctl.dll            Outllib.dll
Outllibr.dll              Outlmime.dll           Outlook.exe
Outlph.dll                Owc10.dll              Owsclt.dll
Powerpnt.exe              Pstprx32.dll           Ptxt9.dll
Pub6intl.dll              Pubconv.dll            Recall.dll
Rm.dll                    Rtfhtml.dll            Setlang.exe
Setup.exe                 Snapview.ocx           Soa.dll
Vtidb.exe                 Winword.exe
The reason for my answer is that all these files mentioned by Glenn are in all versions of Microsoft Office, also Microsoft SMS only inventories .exe not dll, ocx, dll etc.. Even if you looked at the File Version it will differ because the Microsoft Office Critical/Security Updates released each month will change some of these files from time to time.  My method was based on the Product Version which only changes with a Service Pack Update.

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