Canon iR 5055 fax setup questions

I have a Canon imageRunner 5055 network printer I am working with, and I have 99% of the functionality set up , but 2 little things have me stumped.

I am running a SBS2003 server, and have created a username for the printer called Canon.  The printer already sends scans out to the Exchange server perfectly fine.  All printing functions are working fine right now.

1.  We have incoming faxes directed to the Fax Mailbox on arrival so they don't get mixed with everything else being printed.  Is there a way to have the printer send an email alert to a distribution list when a new fax is received?

2.  When a user sends a fax from their desk, how do I configure the printert to send a confirmation to them that the fax was sent successfully?

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You can send the entire fax as a pdf attachment to the distribution group, logon to the printers remote UI (if enabled on your machine) just type the IP into IE, then goto add functions, then forwarding settings click on the "forwarding without conditiosn" and the rest is easy. make sure you specifiy PDF over TIFF to save space.

The printer wont send a confirm if succesful but will notify if unsuccesful, however I think it will only print an error report not email one. Also have a look at the above procedure there is an option to forward (you need to click on the new icon not on "forwarding without condition" but you may depending on your machine and its functions be able to send error reports.

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