Adding Multiple people to a Communicator 2005 Instant Chat session out of Outlook.

Hello, we have sort of weird issue going on here in our office.  There are only two or three people that can add multiple people to an instant message conversation out of Outlook.  I.E. Lets say you have a group created, if you click the + (plus) sign to expand the group in the To field, you can then right click and add all of those receiptants at one time to an instant message chat in Communicator 2005.   Well the problem is, other than those two or three users that can do this the rest of the office cannot for some reason and we all have the same priviledges.  We've been trying to find a resolution for this for the longest time, but have fallen short in doing do.  Any suggestions on how to fix so that the rest of our users can add multiple people i.e. a group to a Communicator instant message chat would be greatly appreciated.


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itsmevicAuthor Commented:
I found the workaround for this:  It's a registry hack, basically just go into HKCU>Software>Microsoft>Office>12.0>Predefined and set value from 0 to 1 and restart Outlook.

To send an instant message message to a group
Do one of the following:

To send an instant message to a distribution group or contact group, right-click the group name in the Contact List, click Send an Instant Message, type a message, and then press ENTER.
To selectively choose members of a group, expand the group in the Contact List, and then hold the CTRL key to select contacts. Right-click the last contact you select and then click Send an Instant Message. In the Conversation window, type your message and then press ENTER.
 Note   When you start an instant messaging session involving three users, you start an IM conference and the Conversation window displays conferencing buttons. For more information, see Conferencing and Collaboration.

Hope this helps
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input though ikpc21.
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