How do I disable the Windows Desktop Search prompt on the first run of Outlook 2007


We are planning to roll out Office 2007 to our users pretty soon and I've got the install working perfectly except for one little detail.  After I've installed Office 2007 on a PC that was running Office 2003 when a usre opens outlook they are prombted to install the Windows Desktop Search component.  Here's a link to an image of the prompt they are getting:

It appears this prompt only happens when a user of the PC opens outlook 2007.  When an administrator of the PC opens outlook 2007 then they do not get the prompt.  I'm using GPO to disable this prompt in Outlook 2007 but it doesn't appear to be working for users the first time they run Outlook 2007 after the install.  Can anyone help?
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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
You can disable it from within outlook - Tools->Options->Other->Advanced Options-> General and untick "Show prompts to download Windows Desktop Search" but I presume you want an automated method ?
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
I have not looked in detail you can download  the desktop search tool from and the blurb says it comes with an ADM file so presumbably you can download this and gain the ability to configure it with a GPO.
Rowdyone52Author Commented:
The option you mentioned in your first comment I've already unticked and greyed out using Group Policy.  I've checked that option on the client machines and that part of Group Policy is working however I keep getting the prompt for users.  Even if that option is not ticked the prompt still shows everytime outlook starts untill the never show this again box is ticked in the prompt.  

This is how the advanced menu looks on the machines that have the GP

I don't really see how the ADM file for WDS will help because our PC's don't have WDS installed and I don't want them to have WDS either.
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Hi, I have had the same problem and was able to change the Outlook setting via group policy.
Download and install the Office 2007 group policy administrative templates.
Open group policy management - edit or create a group policy for Office 2007 and change this setting:

User Configuration - Policies - Administrative Templates - Classic Administrative Templates - Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
Tools Options - Preferences - Search Options - Prevent installation prompts when windows desktop search component is not installed - enabled

Hope that helps...
Hi dee_nz,
I was looking for the same option in the GPO and your directions helped.
I believe this only applies to Windows XP since WIndows Search is native to Windows 7, but if you add a simple registry value to the HKCU, it should disable the prompt when a user clicks into the searchinbox field.


Add a DWORD:  DisableDownloadSearchPrompt (VALUE = 1)
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