Cisco IOS - Need number of concurrent flows/connection

We are looking to install a Packeteer at a college housing complex to control some of the rampant file-sharing.  The Packeteer units are rated by number of concurrent flows it can handle at one time (connection from inside host/port to remote host/port).  How can I use the Cisco IOS to tell how many concurrent connections are open at a given instance?  NetFlow is not a possibility as the 'show ip flow export' command shows aggregate flows, not a snapshot in time of open connections.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Try: show interface summary

That gives you a current breakdown of transmission rates on a per interface basis.
You can still use netflow " show ip cache flow". You'll get the number of active/inactive flows within the last minute (if set the time slot to 1 min) and much more.
No other solution come out my head now...may be after a good night :-)

I hope this helps
Did you ever get this figured out?
jsbushAuthor Commented:
Entity, I am still working on this issue.  The 'sho inter sum' gives me packets per second but what i am loolking for is concurrent flows at a given point in time, as that is how the Packeteer units are rated for load.  I could have only 3 concurrent flows, but they could be passing 10,000 packets a second in total; conversely, I could have 1,000 concurrent flows, but they could be passing only 3,000 packets in total.  Thus my dilemma.  I may just have to go to the best guess option, but when you have 750 college students at an apartment complex doing lord knows what on a 3rd-party ISP 10Mpbs connection a bad guess could be the difference between no calls and a flood of calls from tenants who can't update their Facebook page.  (don't laugh, this has already happened a couple times this year)

I'll keep this open a little longer if anyone has more input but I will eventually close it and divide up points as the commands are helpful for diagnosing data rates.  Thanks.
I think I made too many assumptions on your part, I apologize. I was thinking along the lines of being able to see exactly how much traffic is being passed on a per port basis. This would only benefit you if all your clients are connected one-to-one on your switches (when you may have wireless or even hubs). For example we have a Cisco switch with 25 PCs plugged into it. I can use that command to tell me (in real time) exactly which ports are active and data rate in packets as well as bits per second
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