Bastille scripts locked out local console login, need local console login

Ran Bastille scripts on CentOS computer, selected "allow root yes" but cannot log into console now, as any user including root. When I try to login on the console port, it gives me the "warning prompt", then I type user name & password (not only root, tried others), and it just repeats with the "warning prompt" over and over. I looked at ALL the standard files for allowing console login, so this must be something specific that Bastille did. I also reloaded one computer WITHOUT Bastille (same image) and it works fine, if you run Bastille, it stops working.
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ldorazioConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Good ideas, but didn't help to resolve the issue. Appears to be problem between 32-bit and 64-bit OS, when Bastille scripts are installed.

Have you ran RevertBastille and then redone the configuration using InteractiveBastille and setting the option Should we restrict console access to a small group of user accounts? [N] to no until you can sort out the configuration??  Or alternatively lock it down manually after this?

Try login as a normal user and become root user by using "su -". Once your root you can undo the changes bastille changed i.e. edit /etc/securetty or you can use the bastille program to reverse the step.
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