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pass an argument into a perl module

Hi all,

I created a perl module for subroutines that I use often like this sub below.

sub setVcc {
   my ( $vcc )  = @_;
   print "==========================================================================\n";
   print "\nsetVcc( $vcc )\n";
   if ($vcc > 1.2) {
       $vcc = 1.2;
   if ($vcc <0.7) {
      $vcc = 0.7;
   ExecClo("SetTestParam  -type Level -name vccc_spec -value $vcc");
   print "==========================================================================\n";

When I execute the perl script I do not see the correct value being passed into the setVcc subroutine in the perl module.

I get this result from the line    print "\nsetVcc( $vcc )\n";

setVcc( debuggerHelper=HASH(0x80f7bf0) )

when I execute this line in the main script
$debuggerHelperObject->setVcc( "0.94" );

1 Solution
You are calling the function in object oriented style.  When doing this, the first argument passed to your subroutine is a reference to the object, $debuggerHelperObject in this case.

You could change your subroutine like so:
sub setVcc {
    my $self=shfit;    #get reference to self
    my ($vcc) = @_;

Or you could change your calling method like so:

codenooberAuthor Commented:
Thanks Adam. I used the first option and it worked like a champ. The variiable passed into the perl module.

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