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What degree do I want? looking for an 2yr for small systems and networking

What degree do you need to become a computer tech?
I would like an 2year degree and  have A+ Cert and Network + Cert

im not sure the line angel I need to take.
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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
any technical degree will help, but experience is much more important IMHO, plus some industry certs to back it up.

I would suggest you could progress much further in 2 years in an IT career by working at a local IT shop with some hardcore selfstudy for some exams than by a 2 years in pure degree education.

My degree was Mech and Prod Eng, for what it's worth.  Ultimately, a log of techies end up in management, and that IS where the degree is useful.  If that's what you want, include some core Business skills.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Depends what you want to achive but I tend to agree with Danch99 that experience and vendor qualifications are far more valuable. If ou go for a degree go for one which incorporates pratical IT. Many degree courses now offer Microsoft and Cisco units/qualifications as part of the course and if they combine this with valuable workplacements then so much the better. BTW My degree is in Geology - very relevant ! - but I also have post grad business and management quals)
Not that I like suggesting the place but if you are looking for a hands on tech education check out Devry's 2 year program for Network Administration.  They'll give you some hands on with CISCO and hardware that will help.

Other than that if you are going to a community college I'd suggest an AS in Computer Science as computer sci. still holds a lot of weight.

I agree though that Certs should be the focus of your studies.  go for CISCO and MS and followup with Security
also go in for an MCSE certification in addition to the above. It is the most sought out certification in the IT industry.
Take a look at the Cisco Networking Academy:


The university I graduated from provided a full CCNA/CCNP CNAP in 2 years, of course that required an additional 2 years of low level courses. I'm sure you could find a CCNA specific program somewhere.
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