Asterisk compatibility wiht H.248 (MEGACO)


I am evaluationg to buy a line conentrator for POTS that registers each line using the H.248 or MEGACO protocol. I want to connect this using asterisk but I am not sure of the compatibility of this protocol. Can somebody confirm if asterisk will register H.248 clients.

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H.248 is otherwise (and more commonly) known as MGCP.
Asterisk does support it see

Note that Asterisk can only operate as a MGCP server with clients registering with it. It cannot act as a MGCP client and register itself with another server. I would expect you would need Asterisk 1.4 aswell.

Is there any reason you want to use MGCP? There are quite a lot of SIP devices available.
belarmino_2000Author Commented:
Thank you for the info. I will take that in considerations when I purchase the devices
H248 is not MGCP, it is Megaco. Both are gateway control protocols, MGCP is an IETF spefication and H.248 is from ITU. I don't thin Asterisk supports H.248 currently.
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