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Changing domain name

Dear Experts,
The company I am working for going to chnage the name on the company.
Now our domain name is for exmaple domainname1.com in about 3 weeks our domain anem will be domainname2.com how do I setup all the emails to be @domainname2.com. I have Exchnage 2003
What chnages I need to make in DNS? Also how can I setup that if someone send an email to smith@domainname1.com it will go also to smith@domainname2.com
Please provide as much information as you can.
Thank you,
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1 Solution
The following article explains how to setup Exchange to receive email from multiple domains.

You will want to make the new domain the default domain as well.  Your AD user accounts should update with the new email address.  Just to be on the safe side I like to open each user account in AD and check the email address tab to make sure they have the new email address and it is set to as the primary.

For DNS you will need to create a new MX record and A record at your DNS host (most likely your domain registrar).  Each domain registrar has a different interface so it's hard to give step by step instructions.  If you're not familiar with setting DNS up you can call your registrar and should be able to help you.  The basics are that you will want the following entries for domainname2.com
MX record points to mail.domainname2.com Priority 10
A record: mail.domainname2.com points to Public IP address of Exchange server
rfinalyAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the respond.
I am not sure about checking each user acocunt we have more then 10,000 email acocunts.
so hopefully it will work.
I have one last question: Is there any way to auto point users that gose to www.domianname1.com to go to www.domainname2.com we will not have the domainname1.com availible for us for a long time mabe a few month
Following the above steps should work so that you don't have to check all the accounts.  But do check two or three of them, that will give you a pretty good idea if it worked.  As you said, 10,000 accounts would be a few too many to want to check manually.

I'm not sure what you mean by "auto point users that go to...".  If you are trying to redirect them from one website to the other you will need to do that with whatever webserver is hosting www.domainname1.com.  

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