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clearing a PIX config to TFTP new config

I'm attempting to delete a config for a 506E PIX running 6.3(4) and grab a new config from a tftp server because the device is being repositioned to another office (scripts are very similar).  I followed
but the "clear config all " doesn't seem to clear everything and instead does a partial merge.  How do I really, REALLY clear it?  

These are the console errors I get:

Config Error -- clear configuration all
Encrypted password is of incorrect length
invalid telnet password 'xxxxxxxxxxx':  must be exactly 16 bytes long
Config Error -- passwd xxxxxxxxx encrypted
ACE not added. Possible duplicate entry
ACE not added. Possible duplicate entry
ERROR: entry for address/mask = exists
Interface address is not on same subnet as DHCP pool
global for this range already exists
ERROR: Duplicate NAT entry
ERROR: fail to insert nat entry
.A pre-shared key for address netmask already exists!
Error: Key insert failed.
ERROR: entry for address/mask = exists

Config Failed
tftp: Unspecified Error
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1 Solution
>clear configuration all
It is not "configuration" but rather "configure"
i.e.   clear configure all
This resets to defaults, so you have to re-arrange your config just a little and change dhcpd first.
Also, remember to edit the config to include actual passwords, and not the **** placeholders in the copied config.
 enable password <password> encrypted
 passwd <password> encrypted

YES (leave off word "encrypted")
clear configure all
no dhcpd enable inside
no dhcpd address inside
enable password <password>
passwd <password>

! begin the rest of the actual config here:

thefumblerAuthor Commented:
That worked much better, thanks lrmoore.  Only 2 console messages this time but they seem minor...
#1 -Cannot select private key
#2 -outside interface address added to PAT pool

For #1, I figured I should generate a new key and used "ca generate rsa 512" to do so.   Using 'show ca mypubkey rsa' a key now appears.   Is that correct?   I have half a sense, but what is it used for?

And I bet the #2 line is just informational as the script was being processed, right?
Yes to both. Generating a new rsa key will allow you to use ssh to access the PIX. #2 is just informational - correct.

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