UTF-8 and SQL-ASCII Encoding Differences

I need to know what the differences are between the following for a PostgreSQL database:
Encoding = UTF-8
Encoding = SQL-ASCII
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ivanovnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
UTF-8 is a unicode character set using 1-4 bytes and can be used for all the languages.
SQL-ASCII is a characters set using 1 byte and can be used for any language.

This means that UTF-8 can store any set of characters you want, while SQL-ASCII is primarily for ASCII characters. You will be able to store other characters in SQL-ASCII but the results of some of string functions might be incorrect since PostgreSQL will not know that it may be manipulating a multi-byte characters.

UTF-8 is safer to use and it allows for scalability. However, there is a certain performance cost associated with a character set.
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