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DNS configuration in CISCO 2800 Router

I am trying to configure a CISCO Router 2800 as my Gateway. It only has two Fast Ethernet ports and on will be connected to my ADTRAN modem providing my internet connection. The other port will be the LAN Gateway.

Some body helped me with the basic configuration before but the DNS command configuration does not work. Can you help me please?

I need to make this router my gate keeper for my internet connection so I can set all my clients and my servers to use the LAN Gateway Port from the CISCO router as default DNS.

Also the router will be the DHCP Server

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The router will not function or at least I've never a seen a config for a router to run as a DNS server.

Normally if you have more than just a few clients then you have an internal server and it would use root-hints to do recursive lookups for clients on your network.

If you have only a few clients then you would point to your ISP's dns server for name resolution for internet addresses.

Hope this helps
>use the LAN Gateway Port from the CISCO router as default DNS.
Cannot do that. The Cisco router cannot be a DNS proxy like many of the low-end consumer grade routers can. You can either setup your own internal DNS server, or let every client use a public dns server.
in IOS v 12.2 or above, enter this in the configuration :
x.x.x.x and y.y.y.y are the DNS servers of your ISP
ip name-server x.x.x.x, y.y.y.y
ip domain name blabla.ispdomain.com
ip dns server

The dns requests will be forwarded to the ISP DNS and the replies cached.
I hope this helps.
Damn. Even old farts like me can learn new tricks....

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