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Why is this YouTube video not clear?

Last Modified: 2008-02-26
Why is this You Tube video that I loaded not too clear?

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The video appears to be on a rather low resolution (even lower than the YouTube video applet, which is small to begin with). Because of this, it needs to be stretched, but since you can't really "create" pixels from empty air, the stretching will look ... smudged.
Oh yes... it looks a lot clearer when viewed in the video's native resolution. You can do this by clicking the button on the bottom righthand corner (not the one exactly on the corner that brings the video to fullscreen, but the one next to it) on YouTube's video applett.

The video is not clear because it was overly compressed. The higher the compression, the lower the video (image) quality.

If you were uploading the file as flv format, you should play with the compression setting when you export the file as flv and check the output with FLV Player before you upload to Youtube. One of the software that could produce a good compression while maintaining the video quality is Sorenson Squeeze.


My original format is in .avi.   And I loaded it as .avi.  When it plays from YouTube, what is it playing as?

Youtube automatically converts all videos into a .flv format which it loads into its flash player.
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Looks like it's captured by Camstudio or the like -- as they save to AVI. I agree with Merete that if you start with an AVI from a camcorder you need to compress the file, and MPEG-2 or H.264 is the way to go because you're limited to 100MB on the upload to YouTube and AVIs from DV are too big. But your file would have been way under 100MB and it looks like a real poor capture to me. You're not going to gain anything by compressing a file such as this -- especially if it's under 100MB -- it's a loss/loss situation.
I don't even think that Camstudio would have done this badly if you had chosen 'full screen' as the capture area.
What did it look like on your local PC as it really looks like you don't have the resolution to begin with -- before YouTube encoded it into flash.
My suggestion is to improve the capture method and make sure you have a good original before uploading to YouTube.
Could you answer this for the knowledge base please.
<What did it look like on your local PC, as it really looks like you don't have the resolution to begin with -- before YouTube encoded it into flash.>


It looked good in AVI format.  I used SnagIt to get the Capture.  Then it converted to a good .AVI file that I loaded to the YouTube site.  It looked like crap after that and still does when I convert it, but found that converting it into SWV format made the best difference.
Thanks, but my former point is that you don't gain anything by converting files -- no matter what the format is. Youtube will accept most formats and sizes and just convert them to Flash, so that's one less conversion you need to do. What Merete is talking about is reducing the size of huge AVI files captured from something like a camcorder -- some of these are over 1Gig. -- so you have to do some compression to get them under 100MB (YouTube's limit) and MPEG-2 along with H.264 and WMV at high resolution are some of the best codecs in the world. There's an old saying about converting low resolution files: "Garbage in -- garbage out."

Cheers and thanks for your comments.
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