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Jittery video in Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0

Hello!  I have a DVD that I ripped into a VOB file on my hard drive using Premiere Elements.  When I view the file in any video player (Windows Media Player, Nero video player, etc), everything looks fine.  When I import the VOB file into Premiere Elements and I begin editing the video, I get a video jitter that comes and goes.  After extensive testing, I've determined that it's not the speed of the machine or hardware having troubles.  I have found that if I speed up or slow down the frame rate by a substantial amount, the jitter goes away.  The video file itself is 23.95 fps.  The problem is, if I alter the fps to get rid of the jitter, it's noticeably too slow or too fast.  Does anyone know what I can do to correct this?

Again, this jitter only appears in Premiere Elements 2.0.  In any other program, the video appears fine.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
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Can't really say what maybe causing this mlamartina, there are lots of free video editing tools
This program is for the professionals

sounds like drag of some sort like the video memory can't keep up.
a indicated here>
that if I speed up or slow down the frame rate by a substantial amount,
I am aware that certain hdd can improve video editing.
And is recomended to store the projects  on a separate drive so that all the resources are free .
At this stage all I can think of is look for updates maybe, run a system cleanup in case the temp stores are bulging as can be case with video editing.
Since the video editing runs okay in other programs, one must also realize adobe uses a lot of system resources but  does not necessarily indicate that the problem lies in adobe alone but maybe in the condition of the hdd.
I would suggest you look into simple things first such
ccleaner deep clean all the drives
A simple program that removes unused and temporary files from Windows machines
defrag or analyze the hdd first to see how much red there is the more gaps and red bits the harder windows has to work.
Use the Help as Adobe does a vast help with its product.
here's some tuturials
first up one of the best sites to find anything on video editing includes vast pdf guides on this subject, just look on the left

check for updates/plugins as adobe  is regulaly  refining the tools.

best regards
mlamartinaAuthor Commented:
Hello!  Thank you for the response.

* I am running a 7,200 RPM HDD
* Video is going to the D:\ partition
* Laptop specs are 2.3 GHz Core 2 Duo w/2 GB RAM
* Run CClean regularly and defrag to keep system clean
* No apparent updates for Elements 2

I will check the help.  Thank you for the suggestion!  I'll let you know if I get it ironed out.
Thank you
They must have assisted in someways i hope.
Best regards

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