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webutil usage

Can I use webutil if I am using developer 9, oracle iAS 9i and oracle database ??????

I have created a csv file on my application server ( iAS 9i ) and I asked how to show or let the users see or save the file in order to manipulate it, both times experts recommended to use webutil, but I have readen the document and it says it can be used on 10g.

I just use the open/close file and the put line in order to create my document.

Please assist, this is urgent.

Thanks in advance
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Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
WEBUTIL on 9i can be used though it is not supported by Oracle. It means that if there are some troubles (bugs) Oracle support team cannot fix it.
WEBUTIL was developed for forms 9i and is fully supported from Oracle since 10g.
WEBUTIL is a good tool and has many good features.

But for your not so complex task you cam use a workaround.
Invoke from Forms a Report and use the DELIMITED or
DELIMITEDDATA as destination format.  Then simply
save the Report on the local machine and Import it in the
Excel (possibly the delimiter is Tab character).
dyanucaAuthor Commented:
Hi schewertner,

I  tried the solution you recommended (using the delimited and delimiteddata as destype), but for some reason I got problems while showing the report. That is why I tried the webutil.

Can you please provide me more guidance on this? if you have any examples or how to set the parameters as destype, desformat, etc would be great.

Also those parameters needs to be set on reports and forms, right?
What kind of problems?

In Forms you can invole Reports by two ways

1. Use On-line help and search 'Report Built-ins'
   There is a plenty of builins, pay attention to COPY_REPORT_OBJECT_OUTPUT
   Other are also good

To invoke a Report you can use the URL like this:

http://machine_name/reports/rwservlet?module=prescriptions.rdf+destype=cache+desformat=delimiteddata+userid=user/passw@alias+.... here parameter values

Alternativelly you can try the package client_Input_io of WEBUTIL that can produce text files
on the client side.
The bad news is that everything needs many days of experiments and tests before
it runs OK!
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