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how to setup my IPOD Nano

I just a IPOD Nano.  I had a couple of questions about setting it up.

First, do I have to install iTunes in order to get this to work?

If not, can I just plug in the USB cable and let it charge thru my PC and how do I disconnect it if I don't install iTunes?

How do you use the dock connecter?  I can't figure that one out?
3 Solutions

Yes, you do need iTunes for music management.
You don't need iTunes if you've set up your ipod to just work as a storage device.

Yes, if you plug it in with no software the ipod will still get poser and charge it self.

You have to do through the disconnect a usb device method.
check this out

The dock connector just relays the usb port in to your ipod.
Check this link out

Hope this helps,


-Dman100-Author Commented:
Hi Arthur,

Thanks for replying to my post.

Okay, so in order to copy music files from a CD or online and play them on my IPOD, I need iTunes?  The same is true for pictures or video as well?

Initially, when I plugged in my IPOD, I got a found new hardware error, but it seems to be charging okay now??

I am still confused by the dock connector?  Do I need some other adapter to work with this dock connector?  I do not see how the IPOD plugs into the dock connector, that is why I'm wondering if there is another adapter that is required.  The number on the dock connector shows the number 13.
what OS are you using?

if its xp or vista, then you should just connect the iPod cable into your system and it should detect and install all the required drivers for it automatically.

iTunes is needed to create playlists and copy music and other media files to your iPod, its a software to manage media present on your iPod, otherwise your iPod is just like a flash drive.

for dock connector, you have to place the iPod in it, and then turn on your system, it removes the option of using USB 2.0 cable to connect your iPod
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If you wold like for your computer to find it as an iPod, then you will need to install iTunes.  If you just want it to find it as a flash drive, then don't install iTunes.

The dock connector slides up into the bottom of your nano.  You must plug your cable from the computer to the dock and then place your nano inside. The dock connector only holds your iPod up in the air versus placing it on the desk or table.  There is no advantage over using it.

This is true for placing videos and pictures.  iTunes is the file manager for everything on your iPod (except for disk mode).  You need iTunes to transfer pics, games, videos, and music to and from your computer.

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-Dman100-Author Commented:
thanks for the help and information.

I understand everything now.

It looks like I have the universal dock connector.  It does not appear it can sit up on my desk and for that matter I don't see how the ipod connects using this dock connector.

I guess if I need a dock connector that I need to purchase one from Apple.

Everything else makes sense.

Thanks again for the help.  I sincerely appreciate it.
can you take a picture of your dock connector and upload it on http://tinypic.com/

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