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Controls are locked on Crystal Report/Visual Studio 2003

Last Modified: 2013-11-26
I have a Crystal Report in my ASP.Net project.  I am developing also using Visual Web Developer (may be totally unrelated) and recently linked a Crystal report to a project in there.  I've discovered that the controls on my reports (in CR/Visual Studio 2003) are locked!  Cannot move, resize or add new controls.  I can change the text in a text control...

anyone have any ideas?

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Can you explain what you mean by "controls on my reports are locked"?  Are you talking about the fields / formula / objects on the report or do you have other controls on the page that are locked?
Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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What version of Crystal?  Is this the version that comes with VS 2003 or a standalone ?



I'm using the Crystal reports that comes with VS 2003.

I only have text controls and field controls on the report.  i cannot resize them or move them or resize the sections (to make them larger)


I think I found the problem.  is this lame or what? If I have a project open in VS 2003, I can edit the Crystal report inside the project.  But, then I want to look at a report that is not in the project, so I "open/file" and open the Crystal report that is not in the project.  After I do that, all reports are locked (even the one in the project).  I cannot move fields or resize them or resize bands, etc. until I exit and restart VS.

hope this helps.

Are you opening the same report outside of VS?  If that's the case then it's perfectly understandable.  VS monitors changes to files that are in the active project so if you open it VS detects that and will disable editing to avoid any conflicting edits between the two sources.  After you close the report outside of VS, it should be unlocked automatically but I suspect that if you close that report in VS and reopen it, it may be editable again.

Sounds like the locking behavior is expected and the failure to unlock is just a VS glitch.  You can make sure you've got all of the latest patches, etc. for VS and see if that helps.



Good thinking.  but... the report isn't open anywhere else.  who knows when i loaded the last service pack so i'll try that

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