Terminal License Will Expire in 5 Days on Win2003

Hi All
I have a 'licensed' Win2003 server. This server is located remotely and I logon to it through remote desktop.
Today I got a warning message when logging on saying:

"Your terminal services temporary client license will expire in 5 days.
Please contact your system administrator to get a permanent license."

The thing is that I do not use terminal services at all only RDP. Does this mean that I wont be able to logon to the server through RDP in 5 days. The thing is that I have similar problems with Win2003 servers before when I try to logon through RDP I would get Terminal Service License not installed etc..."

Any suggestions ?

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What "mode" did you select when configuring your terminal server? If you selected the Admin mode then you don't need any licence but you can only have two concurrent connections. If you selected the Application mode then you need licence for EACH RDP connection.

As you said you do NOT use terminal service at all so I guess you only log in (remotely) to administer the server so it should be configured in Admin mode. Go to Add/Remove Windows System Components (from Add/Remove Programs), unselect terminal service to remove it; go back again and select terminal service but remember to configure it in Admin mode.
This sounds like you installed terminal services and its actually looking for a license server. Go though add remove programs > Add remove Windows System Components > select erminal Services. That should take care of that error. Now to enable rdp right click My Computer and left click on Properties. Select the remote tab and you will see a section Remote Desktop. Put a check mark in the box then click on remote users. Select the user account you want to access the computer and click apply and ok and you should be able to access the system with out any issue.
http:// thevpn.guruAuthor Commented:
If you selected the Admin mode then you don't need any licence but you can only have two concurrent connections.

Does that mean that I can logon to the server as user administrator from two different PCs without one user loggin the other out.
Yes your assumption is correct but I wouldn't recommend to allow "ordinary" user to log onto the server as admin simply because the "potential" damage he/she will cause to the system :)
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