Can connect to analysis services - but cant see any databases

Hi experts - I am new to SQL2005 so please bear with me on this question.  I have  server that has SQL2005 and Analysis services installed on it.  I have a user who wished to connect to the analysis services on this server.  He has a valid SQL ligin - but he does not see any databases when he gets successfully connected to the Analysis Services.

Why is this?

If I make him a local admin on the server - he sees all the databases but dont want to gve him this much privilege if I can avoid it.
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Try giving him read/write access to each database.

Eugene ZCommented:
there are probably no databases yet...
BravehearT-1326Author Commented:
He has access to the databases on the SQL instance itself ok just not the Analysis Services ones.  Looke like he needs to be assigned to a particuar Analysis Services Role in order to view the specific databases.

There are several Analysis Services databases as well as I can see them all when I logon to the server as Local Admin.
Eugene ZCommented:
oltp sql server databases
and olap databases are not the same
so probably after olap install you did not create db
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