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How to configure sendmail user to forward to itself and another user

I am running RedHat, Sendmail and have the following setup:

support@me.com forwards to joe@me.com and sally@me.com

All three of thse have mailboxes that they can login to and view their mail.

the problem is that i want the emails to stay on support@me.com so that support can log in and view the email.  When I add forwarding, the mail is moved to joe@me.com and sally@me.com and is removed from support@me.com.

How can I set this up so that the email stays on support@me.com>
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1 Solution
Do you have the aliases set up in /etc/aliases?  If so, just add the user to the list of forwards, like this:
support:    joe,sally,support
then run "newaliases"

It only runs through the aliases file once, so you won't get stuck in a loop.
Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
It sounds you have a .forward in support's HOME directory.
If you enter (logged in as "support", using bash or ksh)
  # echo "joe,sally,\support" > ~/.forward
you will get incoming emails copied  to all three users' mailboxes
acrocatAuthor Commented:
/etc/aliases has stuff like:
## ----- Begin HSPC generated text. Do not edit! -----
admin_at_me_com: /var/spool/vmail/me.com/mail/admin
joe_at_me_com: /var/spool/vmail/me.com/mail/joe
sally_at_me_com: /var/spool/vmail/me.com/mail/sally

/etc/mail/virtualusertable has things like:
joe@me.com joe_at_me_com
admin@me.com admin_at_me_com
sally@me.com sally_at_me_com

How should I proceed?
Ahhh, you're using a control panel.  Can you not do this through the control panel?

If not, do this:
in /etc/mail/virtualusertable you should see
support@me.com support_at_me_com

and then in /etc/mail/aliases you should see:
support_at_me_com: /var/spool/vmail/me.com/mail/joe, /var/spool/vmail/me.com/mail/sally
just add /var/spool/vmail/me.com/mail/support to the end (comma-separated).

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