analysis services - hierarchy from more than one dimension.

new to analysis services 2005.

I have got a fact table which is linked to various dimension tables. I would like to create hierarchy from one or two dimensions:
For eg:
Daily Accounts Fact table
Region dimension
Product Company dimension
Product Type dimension
all three dimensions are linked to fact table,
How do I create Region-Company-Type hierarchy.

Pls help.

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You should not have a single hierarchy crossing unlinked dimensions.
If you want the cube to control this hierarchy you will need to redesign the cube so that it actually represents your data. i.e. either build a star schema, with your dimensions daisy-chained to each other, or (preferably) de-normailise your datasource so that region and company type are attributes within the same dimension (be sure to set up your attributes relationships correctly).

However, you can create a hierarcy crossing dimensions within a client viewer (either BIDS or Excel etc.)
Just drag all the attributes that you want in the hierarcy into the row or column of a pivot
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