Terminal Server Sessions hang sporadically

Hi All, Hope someone can point me in the right direction on this.

I have a Windows 2k3 Server which is used to run about 20 terminal services sessions.  The server is also running SQL 2005 server.

At intermittant points throughout the day the terminal services sessions will all hang for anything between 3-20+ seconds, afterwhich they carry on as though nothing had happened.

The server is an IBM x3500 with a Dual Core 1.6ghz processor and 3GB of RAM.
The drives consist of a 3 disc RAID 5 setup with 2 partitions, one for system data and the other for user data etc.

The server is not a domain controller as that and the exchange server run on a separate box.

The page file is set to 9GB (was split over the 2 partitions, now on just one with no difference)

Users typically run MS Office applications, acrobat and a custom database application.

Has anyone come across this type of problem before and if so, what can be done to fix it?

Many thanks in advance for any ideas.  If any other information is required, please ask.

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nikhil_deshpandeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
please implement MSKB 324446 on the terminal server.
Also if you have ctfmon.exe enabled then you need to disable that as well.
Ctfmon.exe is a speech recognition app which comes along with MS office.


1. I run Terminal Services for my clients and recently had to upgrade them to a full T1 because the remote users were experiencing slow usage.

2. Server needs much RAM as well, at least 2G.
stevencUKDirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.  Should have said this effects local users on same LAN as well as remote users over 2mb leased line.

Server has 3GB of RAM.

stevencUKDirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Have implemented the first bit now, and will sort out the ctfmon bit after hours once the users have finished work.

Will report back soonest on how it goes.
stevencUKDirectorAuthor Commented:
After a week of testing it appears that the issue has now been cleared.  Thanks for the help.

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