Multiple Domain Admins with One domain controller

We have an outfit in Canada and head office in US, Canadian office has few users and we would like to have an  admin at that location. Since we remotely do everything, it is coming to the point that we need a service personal there. We have one Windows 2003 domain controller (A/D)and would like to create two domain admins. Is this possible.
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2003 will allow you to have as many domain admins as you want, however, that is an unpleasant risk.....your delegation of control is ideal for the junior admin role, its pretty much designed for that, it lets you control completely what they can and cannot do....other than that you have security groups and policies and thats about it :) 2008 wont change any of those basic prinicples either - i think if you look at the wizard, you will be pleasantly surprised

apologies on the misread initially too.....made me look like as classy as a goose
you cannot have two domains on one server, what you want to do, is have two domain controllers replicating, and then delegate rights to the remote admin on his OU
If you want to designate a second user as a domain administrator, yes, that's possible. Just make whichever user you want to be the additional admin a member of the Domain Admins group.
jeez i misread that question something chronic...missed the admin bit :)

still, delegation is much much more secure that having two domain admins
rexyphilipsAuthor Commented:
Hi Jay, in todays world of centralization and virtulization, I was hoping that Windows  2008 would be able to administer a Junior Admin. I do understand that OU can be made, but they  will stumble on issues.

As my question was pertaining to WIndows 2003, the answer seems to be No, correct?
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