Multiple SSL certificates on one server

Is it possible to have multiple ssl certificates on one server?

So that for example:

could all be on the same server with the same ip (the ip of the server/network card)

Currently we are having to use a seperate server for each SSL certificate we want for each domain. It is a solution but not a practicle one to have only one website per server. From looking through google I have always come up against the answer that it is one SSL per ip per server.

Any advise on this would be appreciated, as I cant believe hosting companies have a server per SSL certificate :)

We are running the server on SuseLinux and the webserver is apache2
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Take a look at

This is saying it can be done
Steve BinkCommented:
The requirements for SSL certificates is not one per server.  It is one per IP.  I run three separate retail websites, all run from the same server, all with different IPs, and all have their own SSL certificates.

The IP requirement is a catch-22 within the SSL/HTTP model, and will not likely be changed in the near future.  
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