How does Exchange 2003 mailbox Work?

Hi Experts!

more theorical than practical question....
I have recently activated  in my SBS 2003 R2 Premium, exchange 2003. All users connect/send/recieve mails without problems with their outlook 2003 client.

Now. Let me see if I got it right. There are two ways to work with exchange. Either the mails download to the client (won´t be available for OWA, Blackberry service...) or stays at the exchange mailbox and it´s available until it´s deleted.

This seems to me like a users (28) use large amounts of data, and mails as long as 3 years old. Can sum up to more than 2Gb per user.
I would love to use exchange´s mailbox as default (so mail can be accessed by OWA or mobile devices) but I am scared of the sizes of this inboxes.

¿Can I leave just 30 days on the server, and full history on the client?.

Thanks in advace.
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You shouldn't have problems with 2GB mailboxes - that's not unusual these days.  As long as you have the disk space you should be okay.  To prevent it getting out of control, you can impose limits on the mailboxes that will prevent the users from sending and/or receiving mail if they get too big, thus forcing the users to do some housekeeping.

I can't think of a way to combine 30 days mail on the server, and full history on the client.
I would implement a restriction if you are worried about space, 2 GB isn't alot when you are talking about e-mail attachements as long as it is work related.  I manage with a 75 MB limit and our policy is that the users have to create a PST.  We provide them with personal space or as some call it a "personal drive" on our network drives.  It has worked so far, we usually get phone calls on how to setup their PST when they go to a new machine, but that's easy.  Again it all boils down to the amount of storage space VS. the number of users + amount of projected space each user will use.
amedioAuthor Commented:
Seems fair. I´ll work on that.

Just for the record, is there a way where exchage can "move" to other repository certain amount of mails (sort of what tlbrittain posted), but all within exchange.

Thanks to both!
I've never tried one, but there are some third-party archiving tools available.  But I honestly don't think you'll need anything for 28 users with 2GB mailboxes.

Of course, in five year's time, they'll probably want 20GB mailboxes.
amedioAuthor Commented:
true about the 20Gb.
Ok, I´ll set a 3Gb Mailbox warning limit and try to educate them to keep the house clean.

I ike the PST idea though for archiving.

Thanks Again!
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