LogiTech mouse all of a sudden dead.

I have a LogiTech MediaPlay mouse, it's about 1 year or so old.

It was working fine, then I used it on another machine and now it's dead, won't work on any machine.

The battery is fine, all lights work. It seems as if the receiver is dead. It's a small little device, USB connection, about the size of a thumb, it also has a tiny light but that's now dark.

I pressed the reset button but no luck. I brought an even older (wireless, LogiTech) mouse to work and it works fine.

Just wondering if anyone has any tricks or tips to fix this, just trying to save $40 if possible.

Alaska CowboyAsked:
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Since this is a cordless mouse and you said that the receiver is dead, it might be a problem with the connector itself. Check if there are any damage. You can only make the mouse work if the light in the receiver is on. Also, you may try another USB port. The port may be bad, but you may also check other USB devices if it works fine in that port. Hope this helps.
Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
skree, thanks for the tips. Somehow the receiver just died, maybe it got zapped (?) when I put it in the other computer.

I've tried putting the receiver in different ports, no light and no luck.

I've since had two other mice work in the USB ports where my dead receiver won't.

Just thought I would check, will try e-bay for a receiver but that's probably difficult to find a receiver without a mate.

thanks again.
You're welcome! You may try e-bay for the receiver, or also check with logitech or a site offering spare parts (www.espares.co). But I doubt if the cost and shipping might be more than just a new mouse-receiver kit.
Alaska CowboyAuthor Commented:
Yes, you're probably right. But I'll have a look.

Thanks again.
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