How do I restrict Helpdesk functions in Netware?

I had set up a Novell Helpdesk group that only has rights to rest passwords, unlock the accounts.  I have to go back and recreate it since it was deleted.  I cannot find the documenation I used before to set it up.  Any help would be greatly appricated
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blcarter14Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a link to setting up Role Based Services.

iManager on NW6 (I believe this is iManage 1.x, unless you updated to a newer version)

iManager 2.5:
What version of NetWare are you running?

What SP level is it at?  What is your NDS/eDirectory version?

Do you have a custom program for the helpdesk?  If not, do they use nwadmn32, consoleone or imanager?
Sounds like what you need is Role Based Services (if you have a version of NW that supports it). Click thre configure button in iManager, create some roles, associate them with your helpdesk group.

I set up something similar for our helpdesks - reset password, clear lockout etc..
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What you're really doing doesn't have a lot to do with NetWare. You're doing this in eDirectory, the Directory Service used for authentication and access control for most NetWare-based functions.

That said, functionality of these products is, as ShineOn alluded to, variable based on version. So we need to know more about your environment.
Well, that's what I was driving at with my questions.  It's hard to give a definitive answer if we don't know what version of anything they use.

All we know is they said "Netware" in the title of the question.  

Don't know what version of NetWare or whether they have NDS or eDirectory, or whether they can use RBS.
CeredAuthor Commented:
role base - (helpdesk)  
iManager?  Version 1.3, 1.5, 2.02?
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