Headless? (like InnoTek VirtualBox)

Is it possible to run a "headless" virtual PC like InnoTek VirtualBox can, using VMWare?
I would just use VirtualBox, except they currently do not support a 64bit Host (Our host is Windows 2003 server x64)
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arrkerr1024Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure how virtualbox does headless, so let me know if this makes sense:

First off, you don't need a head on your vmware server - for example I have many remote linux boxes w/o heads (no graphical environment at all installed, etc) and I run vmware server, even with windows - the display is all virtual - if I need to see the console on a virtual machine I run the client on my local PC and in a window it shows me the display on the virtual machine.

If this isn't what you mean - and in fact you want your virtual PC to not know it has a head you can set up a virtual machine with a serial port and switch the console to serial in the guest, which is typically what you'd do on a headless box.

Does that answer your question?  If not, can you clarify what you want to accomplish?
drmarstonAuthor Commented:
This wasn't exactly what I meant, but I figured it out anyway :)
VMWare does do what I was asking, better in fact, it just wasn't as obvious as VirtualBox.
What I meant was that the virtual PC ran like a service would.. no GUI at all on the server, just a PC running that I could remote into (either with remote desktop or the server console running on my PC).
which it does!
VirtualBox has both a console like VMWare, and command line options to start a virtual PC, so you just create a batch file and run at bootup, and it boots all the virtual machines (but leaves the dos window running)
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