finding the os

is there someway for java to know which OS it is running on ( ie linux or windows)?
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CEHJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Stirng os = System.getProperty("");
Bart CremersJava ArchitectCommented:
private static OperatingSystem os;

public static OperatingSystem getOperatingSystem() {
    if (os != null)
        return os;

    if (System.getProperty("mrj.version") != null) {
        os = new MacOS();
    } else {
        String osName = System.getProperty("");
        if (osName.indexOf("Windows") != -1) {
            os = new Windows();
        } else if(osName.indexOf("OS/2") != -1) {
            os = new OS2();
        } else if(osName.indexOf("VMS") != -1) {
            os = new VMS();
        } else {
            os = new Unix();
    return os;

Of course you can return enums, or constants in stead of classes implementing OperatingSystem, but it's just better practice if you want to define custom behaviour depending on the OS.
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