Moving Besadmin account from one Win2k3-Exch2k3 server to another Win2k3-Exch2k3 server

My present setup is as follows:

Server A BES Server, which is certified with Exch2k3 SP2.  

Server B & Server C -  Win2k3 & Exch2k3.  


I want to move all of my Blackberry accounts from Server B to Server C, and keep my BES server as is for now.  

Create some BES test accounts with mailboxes on Server B, move those mailboxes to Server C and then then make sure the moved mailboxes are working with their respective handhelds.  

After reading the articles on how to move the BESADMIN account and users from one Exchange Server to another in the same Admin Group and site, it appears that the BESADMIN account scans through all of the blackberry mailboxes first, after it has been moved, checking for messages that need to be delivered?

If so, that could take quite some time with a 35GB Info. store?  Does anyone know how long a scan would take,  with two contemporary servers, with ample computing resources?  

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tlbrittainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It doesn't take long as it is looking for a hidden file that is located in the mail profile for the users on the BES.  You won't notice any degredation in service just a small delay in cutting over the servers.
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