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I will make this question as simple as possible. I'm trying to take a PDF document that has preset fields in it (similar to the IRS pdfs) and programatically fill it in and save a copy of it. Keep in mind we will not have Acrobat installed and this will run as a client application only. I will be using .net and I would like to avoid using any third party controls. I want this to be as basic as possible. I won't be creating custom pdf docs, or manipulating large numbers of files. Just one or two basic already created docs. I just need to fill them in. To me this seems like a very basic problem but in all my searching I haven't found a good solution yet.
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almightylinuxgodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Best bet is a 3rd party API such as SharpPDF, Clown PDF, or PDFSharp etc
NKOWAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to populate an editable Adobe Acrobat PDF form with some data, save it to a file, and all from Microsoft .Net?

Check out -
One of the features of component is it can merge data from variables, XML Data, or Datasources, and save the contents to a local file. component can work in Microsoft .Net 1.1, or 2.0 applications, as long as Microsoft .net 1.1 is installed on the client machine or host. Adobe Acrobat is not required! Seems like the perfect solution!

Here's the link:

Hope this helps!
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