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One a my clients has a four LANS that soon will be connected. He need a profesional utility to view these Lans from the IT office. The main issue the he wants to have detailed reports for each of his workstation in case he need it.

Any suggestions
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Weren't any of the links I posted of any use? I suggest either a delete / No Refund or then the asker should post the reason why my suggestions didn't work.
I'm not completely sure what you want to view on the LAN. One possibility is a network Scanner, like GFI's Lannetscan (or the free wireshark, but that is more difficult to understand how to use).

Another possibility could be a software which you can use to inventory your hardware and the software installed on it via the network. Everest, belarc or the free SIW could be an option there:

If it is more an enterprise network management solution you are after, then I suggest either opennms or nagios.
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