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I need to create a group and place all the users in it but none of the users properties should show this group.


I need to create a group and place all the users in it but none of the users properties should show this group.
I need it to be a invisible to users.
I want to use this as a group when a mail send should reach all and would be send only by selected.So only selected persons can send a mail to these groups.

When we go to the users properties in GAL the group should not be seen.

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2 Solutions
you could hide the group from the GAL.....so only someone who knows the address could send to it....

i dont think you can hide it so that it doesnt show up in the users properties in AD....my question is why would you want to ?....the user cant see their properties.....
In order to hide them from the GAL go to exchange advanced on their user account properties in Active Directory Users and Computers and select hide for exchange address lists.

Just as said above you will have to know the full address of the dist group to send it. And also as it says above I do not think there is a way to remove the group from being viewed in the user properties of their user acoount but the users cannot access this.

Just to point out that all users have read access over Active Directory, so if a user happens to have access to Active Directory Users and Computers (perhaps installed through the resource kit) then they could in theory access AD this way and read their user properties, looking at the groups they're a member of.

Sharath: *Don't* remove their read access to AD though as it is important and they can't actually modify or create anything. Just make sure they haven't got access to the Active Directory management tool, either on local machines or through Terminal Services.

Yes that is true, but most people I deal with on a daily basis would not know how to do that. If it became a problem then one would have to find a way to block access to AD Users and Computers. I would not worry about the problem personally inless that became a problem. But thanks for the clarification, I should have specified that.

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