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Script/Freeware Program to Clear cache for IE7/Firefox for ALL USERS ON Windows XP

vtois asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-08
Hi all:

I am looking for a way to run a script that will let me clear the browser history/cache of all user profiles present on windows XP systems for BOTH IE7 and Firefox

Can anyone help me ASAP? Urgent :/

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EmpTemp id freeware:


I use it. It does require you to manually add the folders you want cleared when
you set it up.. Note in order to see the temporary internet folder and cookies, a
and history folders you must have "Show Hidden Files & Folder"  enabled and uncheck
"Hide Protected Operating system folders" (temporarily)  through
folder options in windows..

Then you simple browse to C:\Documents & Settings\Local Settings" and add
each of the folders to be cleared

If you need help once you get the program installed, post and I will post more detailed
instructions. It is pretty intuitive.


Hi Mshine:

As I stated in my question, I need this to be a command-line solution so I can run it as a script... GUI solutions will not work, unless they support commandline feed.
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I would post this in the VBS, ad MSDOS TA's since they will probably ahve the best command line solutions.

I hope this helps !
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You can also try CCleaner (http://www.ccleaner.com/download/downloading) which cleans out temporary files for those programs and much more but I don't think it clears the folders for all users.

EmpTemp can be commandline executed... Simply create a BAT file in the
startup folder..

From the EmpTemp Help:

Command line options
/clip makes emptemp run minimized, empty the clipboard and then terminate.
/all makes emptemp run minimized, empty all temp folders and then terminate.
/keepdirs prevents deleting of folders (but not their contents). Also see Options.
The last two can be combined. The order and case of these arguments doesn't matter.
Example: emptemp2.exe /all /keepdirs


can ccleaner be executed via cmdline in the background with no user interaction?

yes, but it requires that I "set it up first"... Doing that to 300+ systems is not ROI-smart

thanks for the URL but none pertain to me :/ my case is for Windows XP systems on a Windows 2003 managed domain.

Oh.. well you did not mention anything about 300 machines or a Domain.. ;O)

I actually wrote a command line batch file.. which is run through the startup, but
you would have to distribute the file to every machine.. It was something I worte for
our IT department, because frankly I KNOW none of the users bother keeping their
own machines clean and in order. I have the files at work, but in the morning I
will post them.. Try them on one of your machines, and if they do what you want
then this will be the cheapest way to go.. This will be just to clear the "Temporary
Internet Files" and the "Cookies"


I look forward to the batch file mshine! :)
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I just realized you had Firefox listed as well... That can be programmed in, I would
just need to knopw what folders the Firefox stores is temp files in. ;O)


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