IIS 6.0 can't run ASP pages - config has been verified!

Hi guys, MAJOR problem! Our web server won't server ASP pages! We're running Windows Server 2K3 Web Edition fully patched w/ IIS 6.0.

Basically, when a user accesses an ASP web page, the page doesn't load -- it just times out and gives a 404. This has been happening for 4 DAYS!!! Crazy downtime!

I've restarted the machine and IIS several times. The email server running on the same machine works great. ASP and ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 as well as SSI are enabled in Web Service Extensions. The default documents are set correctly as well as everything else. Static HTML documents work fine.

Also, I checked permissions and other settings such as documents/everything else an IIS admin checks. I've never seen this before.

One other thing that I find interesting is that the machine can't access regular web pages like MSN.com and Google.com -- at least on Google everything loads execpt the logo. On MSN it seems nothing loads except the basic code -- no linked CSS files or images or other content. I'm assuming this is part of the problem or is related, because this is exactly what we're experiencing with the sites being served.

What's going on?
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Is this IIS servicing an Intranet page or Internet page (inside or outside a network, more or less)?  How many websites is it running?  Just this one?
PugglewuggleAuthor Commented:
Internet primarily, but we also access the pages from inside the network too.

It is hosting 6 websites, all have the correct host headers put in.
PugglewuggleAuthor Commented:
The problem has been resolved. What was actually happening is that the Cisco IPS router we have on the DMZ was filtering the HTTP traffic and killing the connection - after the TCP handshake happened, nothing else did. Basically I fixed the config on the router and the problem went away! It had something to do with the DNS query conflicting with the HTTP headers - that's why it still wasn't accessible on the local machine, at least that's what Cisco TAC said any ways.

I'm just glad our server is back up. :-)

Thanks so much! I REALLY appreciate the help.
PugglewuggleAuthor Commented:

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