Converting DR HALO III image file

I was recently going through my backups when I came across a picture file I made with DR. HALO III, that very ancient paint program for DOS. I can run DR HALO to view this picture but is there a program that can load images made with DR. HALO III and convert it to another format? My picture file is named MJB.PIC.
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mjbtecAuthor Commented:
It worked.

I ran DOSBOX and used it to launch DR. HALO. After loading my picture I used MWSNAP to do the screenshot. I was able to save my picture with all the colors intact.



Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
following on from a similar question in this forum, you could run Virtual PC to create a DOS environment to run the platform:

and then use FastStone to capture the window, and send it where you want...

the Q:

probably not the pure conversion that you want though...
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
or this file viewer should do it...
not free, though...
hth, Danny
mjbtecAuthor Commented:
I forgot I have DOSBox handy. I used that to load DR. HALO and from there I can easily take a screenshot. That's good enough to  fix my problem.
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