Ping server name returns wrong/old ip address

When trying to ping a server using the server name, brings up the wrong ip address. We have DNS, DHCP, and WINS setup in our domain. All workstations can resolve the server name with the correct ip address, but have a problem with one laptop that is connected to our domain.
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Check if there is an entry in the host file and, if yes, remove it.


I hope this helps
Go into the Command Prompt and do a ipconfig/flushdns and the ipconfig/registerdns
It may just have an old entry in the DNS on that laptop.  First check that the DNS server is set up correctly.
Then Start -> Run   type cmd
In the command prompt type    ipconfig /flushdns

If that doesn't work, look at this article:
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Without knowing more about what operating system is on your laptop.. I have run across machines that stuck like that.
This may seem elementary but...
You can try to type the following at the command promt:

"ipconfig /release"   hit enter
'ipconfig /renew" hit enter
This will force the network adapter to renew its connection information.

ecardioAuthor Commented:
Laptop is running Windows XP Pro. Here are some of the things that I have already tried.
-ipconfig /flushdns
-ipconfig /registerdns
-ipconfig /release
-ipconfig /renew
-took the laptop off the domain and placed it back on

Thanks for all your help, but still not working for me
Disable dhcp and set ip address and dns information manually.  See if that resolves the problem.
ecardioAuthor Commented:
No, still pings the wrong server ip address when giving the laptop a static ip address
If there is no entry in the host file, then i would suggest adding an entry for the server you are trying to access.

ecardioAuthor Commented:
Thanks netnounours. Thats exactly what it was.
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