To covert an access report with pictures to any editable document format retaining all the graphics and other formatting settings

I have a MS access report created with programming effort to dispaly several images with corresponding data from the database placed in appropriate postions on the report  to give the look of a poster.

THis needs to be sent to a vendor from time to time and should be something in editable document format.
What is the best way to acheive this retaining all the formatting settings.
As one could convert the access report to pdf or snapshot to retain the setting but these are not editable.
Please advise.
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with bookmark, you assign control names in Word,
then you decide from Access what goes to the controls in Word.

So what you are trtying to do is possible, but with 1 value to each control in Word.

Hi Jsara,

Your best bet would be a MailMerge to Word,
OR a Bookmark to Word.

This link explains an important part of the process:

JsaraAuthor Commented:
While using bookmark, say I have 6 pictures and data coming from single table, can I depending
on the where clause be able to send data accordingly, like

select * from temp where color = blue and picture assoicated to this  to go on the left side
slect *  from temp where color = red and prority = 'Urgent' and the picture assoicated to right
and so on to the bottom row etc.
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