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timestamp question


I have a Activex Script in DTS package. It should save in file in mmddyy format.
when it is 10-09-2007 it should save as 100907 but instead it is saving as 10907. what should i change in my code. Below is the code.

Thanks in advance,

Option Explicit

Function Main()

      Dim oRS
      Set oRS = DTSGlobalVariables("RSTables").Value

    Const ForReading = 1
    Const ForWriting = 2
dim fso
    Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    Dim ResultFile, objResult
             dim strSourceFile
             dim strFilePath
             strFilePath = DTSGlobalVariables("FilePath").Value            
      ResultFile = strFilePath   & Month(Date) & day(date-1) & right(year(date),2) & DTSGlobalVariables("SourceFileName").Value    
Set objResult = fso.OpenTextFile(ResultFile, ForWriting, True)
      do while not oRS.EOF             
             objResult.WriteLine       oRS.Fields(0).Value            


        Set objResult = Nothing

    Set fso = Nothing

      Set oRS = Nothing

      Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Success
End Function
1 Solution
A method of printing numbers with leading zeros is to add a factor of 10 more than the number of zeros.  For instance, if you wanted up to 3 zeros it would be something like

right (cstr (1000 + n), 3)

In your case, you wanted 2 leading zeros, so add 100 and take the rightmost 2 digits.

Try this

ResultFile = strFilePath   & _
    right(cstr(100+Month(Date)), 2) & _
    right(cstr(100+day(date-1)), 2) & _
    right(year(date),2) & DTSGlobalVariables("SourceFileName").Value

Also test on single digit months and days.  You will probably find that the original source on 6 May would read 5607 instead of 050607.
Hi, change this line:
ResultFile = strFilePath & Month(Date) & day(date-1) & right(year(date),2) & DTSGlobalVariables("SourceFileName").Value

to this:
ResultFile = strFilePath & Right("00" & Month(Date), 2) & Right("00" & Day(Date-1), 2) & Right(year(date),2) & DTSGlobalVariables("SourceFileName").Value

What I have done there is add two "Right" functions to the Month and Day functions.  This gets the two right most characters from a string like:
0010 for October, being 10, and
009 for the ninth day, being 09



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